Where is the MIT Media Lab?

  • The Media Lab, also known as building E14 on MIT campus, is located at 75 Amherst Street, Cambridge, MA! It is located just to the east of East Campus.

Should I bring my resume?

  • Sure! Remember though that companies will have access to all resumes dropped through drop.xfair.io, so a physical resume is not strictly necessary. Some companies do prefer to collect physical resumes, so feel free to bring a few just in case!

How can I find "X" company?

  • See the interactive map on the front page of this site! We will also distribute booklets and physical maps at the fair.

Will there be snacks, food, and drinks?

  • Yes! There will be a variety of snacks and drinks for all attendees. We have a "resume-free zone" designed for taking a break from the bustle of the career fair. There is also a lot of cool swag, including totes, plushies, and stickers :0

What time does the fair start and end?

  • The fair starts at 10AM and ends at 5PM. You are free to arrive and leave at any time during the fair; just make your way to the check-in booth on the first floor of the Media Lab.

What is ProjX and how are they involved with the fair?

  • MIT ProjX provides funding for MIT students to bring their dream projects to life, and we provide a venue for them to demo their projects during the fair! Projects this year include Arcturus, Robo-Hydrofoil, and Magnets Carlson.

What is the dress code?

  • Business casual. We hope for xFair to be more about interactive demonstrations and genuine engagement than formalities!

Do I have to check in or register for the event?

  • No, but you can drop your resume at drop.xfair.io. Employers will receive the set of resumes a few days before the fair, and they may reach out to interview with you!

Who do I contact if I have any questions about the fair?

  • If you have read through the fair homepage xfair.io and this entire FAQ and your question still has not been answered, please feel free to contact [email protected]!